In March 2010, downloadable versions of the Alien Worlds animations were released on iTunes U. Their quality was immediately recognised by the iTunes U team and they were featured on the iTunes U homepage in the 'Noteworthy' section. One week after release the Alien Worlds album was in the top 100 downloads on iTunes U.
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In 2008, The Structure of the Sun was entered into a national competition for learning objects, run by the UKs Association for Learning Technology (ALT).

From a strong body of entries, it was shortlisted and awarded 2nd place in the ALT Learning Object Competition. The judges’ criteria were based on appropriateness, engagement and effectiveness with the emphasis on education rather than technology.

The Structure of the Sun also gained valuable feedback from the judges:

“Extremely visually attractive, it succeeds in conveying a great deal of complex information in a very user friendly way.”
“Navigation [allows] learners to take their own route through the object and move around within it very easily; the ability to pause the animations is also a strength.”
“The addition of the bar at the top of the screen showing the layer of the sun a particular section is describing is an elegant and very effective way of ensuring that the learner is able to place each slide in the broader context of the [learning object] as a whole.”
“I feel that this is an effective and appropriate way of teaching this complex subject, and I found it extremely engaging and enjoyable to use.”
“I found myself reflecting on its content long after I'd completed working through the object.”